Welcome to the Broads e-Plan

 65 The Broads Plan is the key strategic management plan for the Broads, setting a long-term vision and guiding decisions affecting the future of this special landscape. The Plan coordinates a wide range of strategies, plans and policies relevant to the area with the purposes and duties set out in the Broads Acts.  

The Broads Plan is a plan for the Broads, not just for the Broads Authority. As such, its successful delivery depends on strong partnership working and on the best use of shared resources. The Plan was last reviewed and updated in 2011, following a two-year period of consultation with a wide range of organisations, interest groups and local people with a shared and passionate interest in the Broads.

On these pages you can learn about the context for the Broads Plan and read the Vision for the Broads to 2030. You can also follow the progress being made in achieving each of the Plan’s objectives and actions by clicking on any of the three key themes on the left hand side of the page and following the links. Topics covered by the themes include:    

  • Planning for the long-term future of the Broads in response to climate change and sea level rise Responding to the challenges facing the Broads over the next 50 - 100 years presented by climate change and sea level rise. 
  • Working in partnership on the sustainable management of the Broads Landscape and cultural heritage; agriculture and land management; biodiversity; and management of the navigation area.
  • Encouraging the sustainable use and enjoyment of the Broads Promoting understanding, enjoyment and wellbeing; and tourism, recreation and access.

A pdf of the Broads Plan 2011 is also available.

For more information please contact the Planning and Strategy Directorate at the Broads Authority on 01603 610734 or contact us by email.